This attempt to get the right picture left this woman mauled by her furry “friend”

Apr 30, 2024

Just because it is cute and furry doesn’t mean it’s friendly.

And this is the life lesson one woman learned the hard way.

This woman was almost mauled to death by a cute critter that she wanted to get a good picture with.

What was this woman thinking?

If you do the math, you realize half the population has to be below average.

Generally speaking, it is mostly men who shorten their lives by taking some very dangerous risks for the sake of prestige or honor.

Give some guys enough beer, and they may test their life expectancy limits.

But some women do some silly things too, often because they want to get a good picture to post on social media platforms.

Nearly every day, there is a story in the paper about a woman falling off a cliff trying to get the perfect selfie.

So, while guys are really just getting a bad rap for taking unnecessary risks, women can do some stupid things too.

Another “friendly” wildlife attack on white women

Just think about it.

If it’s breathing and has fur, women want to cuddle it.

Just get a woman around a raccoon and watch her heart melt and lose all common sense.

Need proof, just look at what happened when a group of women in Romania went to get pictures with their “friend” that was a bear.

Two Scottish tourists were taking an unforgettable trip to the Romanian mountains earlier this month when all hell broke loose.

It all started out peacefully as they toured the countryside enjoying the views and scenery of the mountain roads.

But then, the two women came across a brown bear who was meandering along the road.

And like women do when they see a furry animal, they lose all sense of common sense.

The women told STV News, a local Scottish outlet, about their run-in with the bear.

One of the women claimed, “What happened was the bear came up to the window at my friend’s side, and no problem. It let us take a picture and went away. But I didn’t get a proper picture, so we went back and it was at my side.”

They continued by telling the press, “I thought he wanted to be friends. The bear came and wanted to get into the car, but he started getting into the car and bit my friend.”

But then they found out that not all animals with fur are friendly as the bear started to maul one of the women.

As the women recounted the mauling by adding, “My friend said, let’s get something to eat. No, you are not allowed to give food. Absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing. And I think he heard it and decided he had to eat my friend instead.”

Thankfully, the women are okay after the attack with only moderate injuries to one of their hands.

But this is just another example of white women thinking they are one with nature and that all things furry are friendly.

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