This embarrassing loss during March Madness could cost this coach his job

Mar 28, 2024

March Madness is living up to the hype once again.

The single elimination tournament makes every game vital.

Now this embarrassing loss during March Madness could cost this coach his job.

Kentucky basketball Coach John Calipari is about to lose his job after one of the worst excuses imaginable for losing to Oakland.

Nothing beats March Madness

There are certain times throughout the year where you mark your calendars and make sure nothing of substance is happening on those days.

Oftentimes it’s to block off time for the holidays, birthdays, or maybe even an annual family vacation.

But guys need to make sure they have the calendar blocked off for March Madness.

There is no better time out of the year to become one with the couch, cut on the television, and cut off the rest of the world.

Especially for the first week of competition, it’s just pure sports entertainment that you won’t have the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the year.

For one, the play is just second to none as each team knows one missed basket or defensive assignment can lead to your team going home for good.

But because of the competitive nature of the tournament, there are always massive upsets in March Madness.

There is always a Cinderella team that surprises the nation and pulls off the upset no one saw coming.

This year though the major upsets have really been limited with the top seeded teams being so talented and focused on winning the national championship.

But one of the exceptions was when thirteen seeded Oakland defeated third seeded Kentucky.

Kentucky coach can’t take the blame

Anyone who knows anything about college basketball understands that University of Kentucky basketball is, generally, second to known as they always have NBA talent on their roster.

But no one told Oakland that they were supposed to lose their game against Kentucky this year as the Golden Grizzlies dominated the Wildcats in historic fashion.

As you can imagine, the Kentucky Wildcats were picked as the undisputed favorite with expected spread of a 12.5 point victory for the Wildcats by bookies.

But once the game started, Oakland proved that they belonged in the Dance.

Not only did Oakland win but they won in convincing fashion by controlling the pace of the game and winning both halves of basketball.

In the end, Oakland shocked the world and beat Kentucky 80-76.

After such a shocking defeat you would expect the head coach to be humble and to take some blame for the loss.

But instead of doing what was expected, Coach Calipari threw all the blame on his players for the loss.

Coach Calipari told a reporter in a post-game interview that, “We had some guys that didn’t play the way they’ve been playing all year. We did everything we could. We knew the zone would be tough, but we missed shots we don’t miss. The preparation, I thought they were in a great [spot]. We tried to keep them loose, but when the game started they were just…you had some guys not play to the level they could play. We made some critical mistakes at critical times today. When you have a really young team and look at where the mistakes come from, they were freshmen.”

It’s amazing that any high school player would want to sign on to Kentucky basketball with Coach Calipari running the program.

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