This video showed that at 57 Mike Tyson is still making people terrified of his powerful punch

Apr 16, 2024

It’s hard to believe that Mike Tyson is still one of the scariest people alive at the age of 57.

But all it took was one intense video and now the world knows that the former heavyweight champ still means business.

And Mike Tyson let the world know he is still all business when he trains for a fight.

Does Mike Tyson still have it?

No matter what walk of life you come from, odds are you can rattle off a few names of the greatest boxers to ever go in the ring.

Almost everyone on the street knows Muhammad Ali as one of, if not the greatest, boxer of all time.

And some might even be able to list off some facts about Sugar Ray’s boxing career.

But few boxers have become the pop star icon that Mike Tyson has developed into.

Mike Tyson will forever be remembered as the best of the best in boxing.

The heavyweight legend has gone 50 wins to 6 loses in his career with 44 wins by knockout.

And throughout the decades in boxing, Mike Tyson has won six major world titles during his boxing career.

But Iron Mike also developed his career and brand out of the ring.

He has appeared in some of the greatest iconic movies over the past generation like in the movies Rocky Balboa and The Hangover.

Not to mention he has made countless appearances on television shows and especially more than other boxers.

But even with his massive brand and unmatched boxing record, some are wondering if Mike Tyson still has some left in the tank.

Could the 57-year-old really hold his own in a competitive boxing match?

Well, we are going to find out as he is scheduled to fight Jake Paul at AT&T Stadium on July 20th.

Iron Mike’s latest video shows he ain’t playing around

The boxing match between the young stud and the old stallion is drawing a lot of people’s attention.

Many have speculated that Jake Paul fights are fake or staged to the point where Jake will win no matter what.

But Mike Tyson doesn’t seem like the one to take a loss to a young white kid just for a stack of cash.

So, some have guessed that Jake Paul picked Mike Tyson for this next fight because the old fella has lost his uppercut.

But it’s crystal clear now that Iron Mike ain’t playing around as he released a video that will put the fear of God in you.

Tyson released a Snapchat video over the weekend that gives you a personal point of view of what it looks like when the six-time boxing champion is zeroing in on you with some bone crushing hits.

Just look at this video and see if you think Mike Tyson is playing around.

Can you imagine if Iron Mike was putting his cross hairs on you for his next strike to the ribs?

If the boxing legend is half as focused as he is in this video during his fight with Jake Paul then the young stud may have bitten more off than he can chew.

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