This Wheel of Fortune contestant just made one of the biggest mistakes ever seen on TV

Mar 15, 2024

America loves game shows on TV.

It is fun to test your own knowledge and root for your favorite contestants.

But when cash is on the line, people’s nerves can get the best of them.

And this Wheel of Fortune contestant just made the mistake of a lifetime that made everyone’s jaws drop.

This Wheel of Fortune contestant will never live these costly mistakes down

Televised game shows hold a special spot in American pop culture. Just about everybody has tuned in at some point, whether it was during a sick day or right after a football game.

Wheel of Fortune remains one of America’s favorite game shows, having aired for 41 seasons.

Recently, Wheel of Fortune saw one of its most memorable episodes, yet after a contestant missed a chance to win a million dollars not once, but twice.

More specifically, contestant Tara Brown landed on the extremely narrow million-dollar wedge on two separate occasions.

When a contestant lands on the million-dollar wedge, they have a chance to finish the puzzle. If they do so, they have an opportunity to compete for the million-dollar prize during the bonus round.

The first time Tara Brown landed on the narrow million-dollar wedge, the incomplete puzzle read, “BULB, BEA__N, SUN, STARS.”

Tara Brown incorrectly guessed that the remaining two letters were H, costing her a chance to win the million dollars.

The correct answer to the puzzle was “BULB, BEACON, SUN, STARS.”

Tara Brown beat the odds and landed on the million-dollar wedge once again, and this time, the incomplete puzzle read, “___N_NG A B___ _L_B.”

Host Pat Sajak told Tara Brown, “Now pay attention to what’s up there. There’s a huge letterboard. If you talk it out, you can do this.”

Brown then attempted to answer the puzzling, guessing “Joining a book club,” although some viewers heard “running a book club.”

However, this answer came as time expired, costing her a second opportunity to win $1 million.

Throughout Wheel of Fortune‘s 41-season history, only four contestants have won the coveted $1 million prize, including actress Melissa Joan Hart, who donated her winnings to a charity of her choice.

Why Americans cannot get enough of game shows like Wheel of Fortune

Game shows like Wheel of Fortune have entertained Americans for decades.

These programs allow viewers at home to participate and, in some cases, vote on a winner from their cell phones.

Contestants are often average Joes, except in the case of Melissa Joan Hart, who started off watching at home and some way or another made it on the show.

This gives viewers a sense of hope that maybe one day they can compete on Wheel of Fortune for the million-dollar prize, and perhaps this time they will not mess up their chance like Tara Brown did not once, but twice.

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