Tim Allen got some great news when they announced his co-star on Shifting Gears

Apr 17, 2024

Fans can’t stop talking about Tim Allen’s new show coming to ABC called Shifting Gears.

Americans are hungry for a family-oriented show where the dad is not a bumbling idiot.

But Tim Allen and his legion of fans were even more excited about ABC’s Shifting Gears when they found out who his co-star is going to be.

Tim Allen is America’s Dad

Americans just can’t get enough of Tim Allen, and rightfully so.

As most actors embrace self-serving roles that undermine the family unit, Tim Allen has made a career of being America’s dad.

Nearly every role he has had while in Hollywood has been as a father figure.

Just think about it.

In Home Improvement, Tim Allen built his stardom by being the clumsy but lovable father figure from metro Detroit.

Then in Last Man Standing, his character Mike Baxter became one of the biggest role models for America as his character talked about family and social issues families across America face on a daily basis.

And in cinema, Tim Allen is best known for playing the father of Christmas himself, Santa Clause, in the Santa Clause series from Disney.

Well Tim Allen’s likeability by middle America has made him a prime target for coastal elites who run Tinseltown.

And that target on Tim’s back ultimately led to him being booted from our living room televisions as Hollywood execs try to limit any role models for our families.

But this ban on providing quality content that reflects the needs, beliefs, and interests of the average American family has caused Hollywood to crash and burn.

And Hollywood’s profit margins have gotten so dismal that now they are willing to do anything to connect with Americans.

So, thankfully, for families now we have a new show starring Tim Allen coming to ABC called Shifting Gears.

One more big reason to watch Shifting Gears

Just the idea of Tim Allen being on the television screen has spread joy among many of his biggest fans.

And Tim is going to play his usual role as a father figure to America.

But fans just got another reason to watch Shifting Gears.

ABC announced that the co-star of the upcoming sitcom is legendary actress, Kat Dennings.

According to ABC, the plot is based around, “Matt (Tim Allen) is the stubborn, widowed owner of a classic car restoration shop. When Matt’s estranged daughter (Kat Dennings) and her teenage kids move into his house, the real restoration begins.”

And Kat Dennings character is that of a “daughter who butted heads with her father growing up and left to marry the boyfriend he hated. Now divorced, Riley’s forced to move back home with two kids, hoping she and her dad can make it work this time.”

Kat Dennings has a following of her own from Two Broke Girls.

So, with Tim Allen’s and Kat Dennings’ followings, there is no doubt that Shifting Gears will have the viewership needed to thrive and stay alive on television.

The only question is if Hollywood and ABC will allow a family values-centered show on primetime for more than just a few episodes.

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