A shelter dog joined this scary fight against a disaster created by Joe Biden

Apr 26, 2024

Joe Biden turned the country into a mess with his failed policies. 

One Texas police department got creative to tackle a growing problem.

And a shelter dog joined this scary fight against a disaster created by Joe Biden.

Dog rescued from a shelter joins the Fort Worth Police Department

A dog that was roaming the streets of Texas without a home got a new lease on life after it joined the K-9 unit with the Fort Worth Police Department.

Rock – a long-haired German Shepherd mix – was found wandering around with his sister at six months old.

The pair was taken to the Fort Worth Animal Control’s Adoption Center to find new homes.

Shelter superintendent Anastasia Ramsey noticed that there was something different about the dogs during playtime.

“We took them out in the yard, and we did some tennis ball exercises where we tossed the ball to see if they had any interest,” Ramsey said.

The pair were able to pick up on instructions quickly at their new home.

“Rock passed with flying colors,” Ramsey added. “He just blew everything out of the water.”

She thought the Fort Worth Police Department might be interested in the intelligent dogs so she made a videotape of Rock and his sister in action.

Ramsey knew what qualities the police wanted in dogs because her husband serves as a K-9 officer with the Dallas Police.

Fort Worth Police Department sergeant Charles Hubbard told Fox News Digital that she had a keen eye to spot the dogs’ talent.

“She knows the traits that we’re looking for . . . We trusted what she was evaluating out there and everything that she believed proved true because both Rock and his sister completed narcotics training,” Hubbard said.

Rock’s energy and enthusiasm for sniffing things made him a perfect candidate to become a drug-sniffing dog.

“You want a dog that’s going to want to go to work every day,” Hubbard explained. “And I’ll tell you what, every time I get him out of the car, and even when he’s at home off duty — when he comes out of his kennel, he’s sniffing.”

Shelter dog make a difference in the fight to stop dangerous drugs

Hubbard said that Rock had become essential to the Fort Worth police’s fight to get drugs like fentanyl off of the streets.

“If you talk to me in five years, I guarantee you we’re going to have kilos of records to reflect his service to the city,” Hubbard said of Rock.

He added that dogs have already had a staggering number of drugs being confiscated.

“I’m talking 20,000, 100,000, 500,000 pills off the street before they ever get out into our community,” Hubbard remarked.

Drug sniffing dogs allow the police to check out shipping facilities for the post office and UPS for drugs that they otherwise might not catch.

“If [we] don’t work the bulk side and have a K-9 that can tell you, ‘Hey, there’s 100,000 pills in this box,’ we’re just never going to know,” Hubbard said. “And once that hits the street and starts getting dispersed, you’re going to have mass overdoses, and then you’re behind the eight ball — you can’t catch up. So, plainly, we can’t do this job without a K-9 like him. It’s the most effective way for us to combat fentanyl, heroin, meth, cocaine, all of it.”

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