Jim Harbaugh shocked fans by following through on this national championship promise

Apr 26, 2024

Jim Harbaugh walked away from college football for the NFL after a national championship win.

But he had one final obligation to follow through on before closing that chapter of his career.

And Jim Harbaugh shocked fans by following through on this national championship promise.

Jim Harbaugh had one final promise to Michigan players

University of Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh ended the likely final chapter of his college football career by winning a national championship in January.

The Wolverines’ season was mired in controversy after a sign-stealing scandal that resulted in Harbaugh being suspended for the final three games of the regular season.

That became his second suspension of the season after he missed the first three games of the year for recruiting violations.

But Michigan managed to overcome the adversity and pick up wins in the College Football Playoff over Alabama – in what would be coach Nick Saban’s final game – and Washington in the National Championship.

Harbaugh delivered his alma mater its first National Championship since 1997 and its first unanimous national title since 1948.

Before playoffs, he made a promise to his team the season that he would get a tattoo if the team had a perfect season.

“If we go undefeated, I’m going to get a 15-0 tattoo,” Harbaugh said on the October 23 episode of the Inside Michigan Football radio show. “Probably on the shoulder, and a block ‘M’ over it. I haven’t configured the art yet, but if that happens, I will do it.”

It was a shocking promise because Harbaugh didn’t have any tattoos. 

Harbaugh makes good on his promise to get a tattoo

Harbaugh left Michigan in January to become the head coach of the San Diego Chargers.

Michigan held their annual spring football game in April and he made the trip back to the college.

Coaches and players from the 2023 team returned to town to celebrate the national championship season.

Team members picked four championship rings for their undefeated season – one for their Big Ten championship, one for their Rose Bowl win, and national title rings from the school, and the College Football Playoff.

And Harbaugh made good on his promise to his team to get a tattoo.

He was inked with a blue tattoo featuring the school’s “Block M” and the 15-0 record for the season underneath.

During the tattoo, he joked that he was impervious to pain.

“I can see why once you get one [tattoo] you might want to start adding to it,” Harbaugh said while getting his first tattoo.

Jim Harbaugh delivered on his vow to get a tattoo after a controversial season that saw his team end up on top.

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