Deion Sanders just denied this accusation that could sink his coaching career

Apr 25, 2024

March Madness has come to a close, now all eyes of college sports fans are on the upcoming football season. 

This could be a great season for many teams because of all the radical changes in the conferences and the transfer portal. 

But Deion Sanders’ season almost ended before it started because of this accusation that he is viciously denying.

“Coach Prime” just laid this groundbreaking conspiracy theory to rest

Last season, professional sports legend Deion Sanders took the college football world by storm after taking over as the University of Colorado’s head football coach.

Deion Sanders’ son Shedeur Sanders joined him, playing as Colorado’s starting Quarterback.

Sanders brought some significant improvement to the Colorado football program, which is not saying much considering they were widely regarded as the worst football program in America before his arrival. 

Nonetheless, Sanders has had a profound impact on many players in recent years, with some finding their way to the NFL. 

Rumors have emerged that Sanders has encouraged certain players, including his son, to try and play for certain NFL teams over others, a practice widely frowned upon in football. 

These rumors stem from his appearance on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” where he said his son has a short list of professional teams he wants and does not want to play for. 

However, when asked in a recent CBS interview whether he encourages players to go to one team over another, he clapped back with  “Who said that, and did you see me say that? 

He added, “One thing about a lie, a lie is so fast. It can outrun the truth any day. That’s a bold-faced lie. That’s a stupid lie. I have more than six owners that are friends, I have more than six GMs that are friends.”

Sanders then clarified his stance on the matter, saying, “You’ve got to understand, I played 14 (years) and I worked another 17 (years), I believe, at the NFL Network and CBS. I know a lot of people. Come on. I would never do that. If I was that stupid, I wouldn’t disclose the teams I would want them to play for – I would disclose the several that I wouldn’t. Yeah, that’s stupid. That’s stupidity. I would never do that.” 

Deion Sanders has completely changed the way people coach college football

Although the Colorado Buffaloes disappointed their fans, finishing the season dead last in the PAC-12 last season, Deion Sanders brought some much-needed energy and attention to the team. 

Instead of serving as a punchline for sports pundits, players now want to play for Coach Sanders, knowing that he can help to turn them into elite athletes. 

This coming season will help to determine whether or not Coach Deion Sanders is all talk, or whether his method can result in some much-needed victories for the Colorado Buffaloes. 

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