Everyone laughed when this 61-year-old pitching legend went to the mound. But then this happened

Mar 19, 2024

Everyone slows down eventually, even the best of all time.

At some point even the greatest athletes are forced to retire from the game they have devoted their lives to.

But when this pitching legend came out of retirement at the age of 61, everyone laughed, until this happened.

Only the greatest of players can play in their elder years

Sports and age don’t mix well together.

When you look at the major sports leagues, most players are in their prime around their 20s.

In the NFL, the average age of a football player is around 26 years old.

They are young, naive, and have good knees that don’t swell up after running a mile.

But every once in a while, you will see someone up there in age who is still thriving in the league.

Tom Brady retired from football at the age of 44.

The NBA great, Michael Jordan, retired three times from the game at the ages of 30, 36, and 40.

And future MLB Hall of Fame pitcher, Justin Verlander, is still going strong at the seasoned age of 41.

So needless to say if a player is blessed with a long career, when they hit 40, they start to look at life beyond professional sports.

And by the time they are in their upper 40s, they are soaking up the sun and enjoying retirement.

But not for MLB great, Roger Clemens.

Roger Clemens shows he still got it.

When you think of some of the greatest pitchers of all time, you have to throw Roger Clemens’ name around.

Spanning three decades, Clemens found ways to strikeout batters no one thought was possible.

In 24 seasons in the Big Show, Clemens had a staggering win-loss record of 354-184.

Throughout his career, he managed to rack up a 3.12 earned run average and 4,672 total strikeouts.

His 4,672 total strikeouts in the MLB is third of all time.

And because of his unmatched pitching ability during his career in the MLB, Clemens managed to earn 11 All-Star selections, seven Cy Young Awards, and two World Series titles.

Needless to say, he is one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game.

And you would think someone with Clemens’ list of accomplishments would hang up his hat in retirement.

But Clemens just couldn’t leave the hill alone.

Earlier in the month, Roger Clemens came out of retirement at the age of 61 to throw some heaters for the fan favorite Savannah Bananas.

The crowd at Minute Maid Park went absolutely crazy when Clemens came out onto the mound.

And he showed the crowd that he still has it in the tank.

The MLB great, at the age of 61, was still able to get a young man in his 20’s out to finish off the inning.

It’s a shame that this man isn’t in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Clemens has said some controversial things and some claim that he used to take steroids.

But with those career stats and the fact that he is still able to get out professional batters at the age of 61 should be enough to put him in the Hall of Fame.

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