These football fans have paid a steep price for making this ill-advised game-time decision

Mar 20, 2024

Football fans love to show their devotion to their favorite team.

Fans wear their team colors and have sometimes strange rituals and superstitions that make game day fun, mostly.

But these fans found out that some game-day traditions can have huge consequences that can be life altering.

Some Kansas City Chiefs fans will not forget to wear a coat ever again after these gruesome surgeries

Few football fans will forget the 2023-2024 NFL season.

After an exciting postseason, the Kansas City Chiefs emerged as Super Bowl Champions after scoring a game-winning touchdown in the final seconds of overtime.

Although the 2023-2024 NFL has concluded, many football fans are still paying the price for their devotion.

For example, several Kansas City fans have learned that they may need amputations after sustaining severe frostbite injuries.

Some fans have already had these amputations performed over the last couple of months.

These fans allegedly attended the cold Miami Dolphins vs Kansas City Chiefs Wild Card Round playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, where temperatures got as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only did these amputees attend the game, but also they cheered their team on from the stands without shirts, sleeves, and other appropriate attire given the freezing temperatures.

According to Dr. Megan Garcia, the director of Kansas City’s HCA Midwest Health, “To date, 12 patients have undergone amputation(s) surgeries primarily impacting fingers and toes. Some of these patients attended the Kansas City Chiefs v. Miami Dolphins game on Jan. 13.”

She added, “Our specialized physicians and expert care team continue to treat and monitor patients’ healing to address long-term needs, and we expect more surgical procedures over the next two to four weeks as their injuries evolve. We are humbled and honored to care for these patients who have shown bravery, patience, compassion, strength, and love throughout their journeys.”

These gruesome surgeries highlight the importance of wearing some layers at these freezing games.

Doctors warn that frostbite can take hold within just thirty minutes if you choose to strip bare, which can result in serious injuries, including amputations such as the ones that have occurred since the fateful Dolphins v. Chiefs match up.

These surgeries demonstrate that Americans are obsessed with professional football

Americans love football, with some even losing appendages in order to support their team.

The 2023-2024 season will not be forgotten anytime soon, however, many sports experts agree that this season taught football fans and league officials some important lessons.

First and foremost, the NFL’s hyperinflation on celebrity couples, primarily Taylor Swift, annoyed many football fans and players, and many predict this narrative will simmer down next season.

Next, football fans want nothing to do with “woke” insanity.

For example, this year’s rendition of the so-called “Black National Anthem” did not go over well, and many fans are calling for it to be removed from pre-game ceremonies.

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