Famed Big “I hit dingers” Al is at it again proving to the world that he is still hittin’ ‘em

Apr 5, 2024

During the Little League World Series, the world was introduced to Big Al who became an instant legend and Internet sensation for one of the best clips ever.

But the legend of Big Al lives on years later as he grew into a baseball stud.

And famed Big “I hit dingers” Al is at it again proving to the world that he is still hittin’ ‘em.

Big Al will always be an internet sensation

Social media has made legends overnight.

As our society becomes inundated with cameras we get to see some diamonds in the rough grow into icons.

Many go on beyond their instant meme fame to cash in on their celebrity status.

Who can forget the “catch me outside” girl from the Dr. Phil show?

Well, she went on to be a rapper and OnlyFans users who made one million dollars on her first night on the platform.

But other memes come and go without any built-up lasting fame.

Does anyone know what happened to the “I like turtles” zombie kid?

But the story of one social media classic continues to live on.

Many of us remember Big Al from the 2018 Little Leagues.

There are many “big” kids in Little League baseball each year.

But what Big Al an internet sensation is one sentence he uttered out.

Big Al’s life changed when he looked right into the camera for ESPN and stated, “And I hit dingers.”

That short intro clip of Big Al has been viewed tens of millions of times on YouTube alone.

And, at the time, Big Al was one of the biggest stars in sports as he was a regular on ESPN’s highlights of the Little League games and even had an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

But 2018 is a lifetime ago in stardom so many people have been wondering what happened to Big Al as he went back to his humble life in New Jersey.

Well, come to find out, Big Al is still hitting dingers.

Al is still hitting dingers in high school

On opening day of his senior year of baseball for Red Bank Catholic, Big Al revived his dinger hitting status by knocking one over the fence for a home run.

The home run in center field by Big Al ultimately helped propel Red Bank Catholic to a 7-2 win over Rumson-Fair Haven.

But there is one twist to this story that no one saw coming.

Big Al isn’t really big anymore.

Alfred Delia, Big Al’s name given to him at birth, is now lean and now playing second base.

When asked about his transition to second base, Delia told the Jersey Sports Zone that, “They don’t even call me that anymore. I’m not that big.”

Big Al might not have the gut anymore but the kid is still a legend in Little League history and will forever be remembered as Big Al who hits dingers.

And if any college baseball team wants to increase their credibility and dinger hitting status, they better be looking Big Al’s way.

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