Minnesota Twins star Byron Buxton almost suffered a career-ending injury because of a hot dog

Apr 5, 2024

The baseball season is just beginning, and this player almost had his season end for a bizarre reason.

But who wants to say “a massive wiener” ended my playing days?

And Minnesota Twins star Byron Buxton almost suffered a career-ending injury because of a hot dog.

A lot of ways to die

One of the best shows to ever hit cable television was 1000 Ways to Die.

It is just amazing to see all the weird and regrettable ways you can leave this world and meet your maker.

Who can forget the episode where an ex-con died by having a can of pepper spray going up his rectum and accidentally going off?

And if you ever watched the Re-Tired episode on 1000 Ways to Die, you are scared to death to ever put air in your tire.

But of all the ways to go meet your maker, none of those fictional stories come close to the near-death encounter Minnesota Twins star Byron Buxton suffered through.

Byron almost annihilated by a big wiener

This year’s start of the MLB season has already provided us with many unforgettable scenes.

And this Tuesday the craziest scene of the MLB happened at American Family Field.

The Milwaukee Brewers are known for loving themselves some massive wiener races between innings.

And usually, these races of the wieners go on without any real issues.

But that wasn’t the case earlier this week.

While MLB star Byron Buxton was heading out on the field in the middle of the sixth inning, he didn’t realize that the wiener race was barreling down on him.

But at the last second before the collision, Byron looked behind him and saw the number one bratwurst about to make an impact.

And thankfully Byron used his cat like reflexes and jumped out of the way and back into the dugout.

The outfielder ended the game with one hit out of four bats and with a loss to the Brewers.

If Byron would have been hit by the massive wiener, it could have seriously injured the Twins outfielder.

And the last thing the Twins need right now is Byron out of their lineup.

Few players in the MLB have had the success Byron Buxton has had in his career.

The outfielder has stacked up many accolades including a Gold Glove Award in 2017 and an All-Star selection in 2022.

In his nine years in the Majors, he has a solid .240 batting average with 115 home runs.

And even though he has been in the League for nearly a decade, he is heading into the best time of his career.

So, it would be a shame if this MLB All-Star contender was knocked out for the season by a freak accident, let alone by a massive wiener.

Getting bulldozed by a guy in a massive wiener outfit would be one of the worst ways to end your career.

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