Larry Bird shows a new talent in one of the funniest commercials in years

Mar 15, 2024

Few will argue that NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird was one of the best players of all time.

But it came as a shock to many that Bird has a talent he has kept hidden for years; he is also very entertaining.

And Larry Bird shocked many when he just rocked one of the funniest commercials of the year.

No one was like Larry Bird

Every generation has that once-in-a-lifetime talent that amazes everyone.

Names like Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, Dale Earnhardt, and Michael Jordan come to mind as once-in-a-generation talent.

But one name that will always be cemented as a generational talent is Larry Bird.

Back in the 1980s, we had some NBA greats on the court.

Many would argue that the 1980s was the best decade in basketball history.

And of all the greats during the 80s, no big man came even close to the same level of talent and determination as Larry Bird.

The twelve-time all-star was unstoppable on the court.

And his stats are just mind-boggling.

In his thirteen years in the NBA, “Larry Legend” recorded a career average .886 free throw percentage, 10 rebounds per game, and a whopping 24 points per game as a forward.

In total, Larry recorded 21,791 points, 8,974 rebounds, and 5,695 assists throughout his career.

To this day, you won’t find a big man as good as Bird with a basketball in his hands, agility, and command of the ball.

But Larry Bird has proven time and time again that he is still the Greatest of All Time, even after retiring from the court.

For one, he is the only man in history to be named NBA Most Valuable Player, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year, as he was the head coach and president of the Pacers after his retirement.

But now, Larry Bird is showing us that he has another talent that is second to none among NBA players: he is one heck of an actor.

Larry Legend still has it

Viewers were shocked this past weekend to see the NBA legend starring in an Allstate “mayhem” commercial.

The commercial starts out with Allstate’s Mayhem actor Dean Winters playing a bird in Larry Bird’s attic.

The NBA legend jumps out of his recliner to investigate the sounds from his attic.

When Larry Bird gets into the attic, he grabs a lacrosse stick to hit Bird in the attic but keeps missing.

Mayhem shouts at Larry Bird, “BRICK!” as he swings away, destroying everything in his attic.

As Larry Bird continues to swing, Mayhem taunts him by saying, “You may be a legend on the court, but you’re an amateur up here.”

Eventually, the Allstate commercial ended with the classic, chaotic scene of Larry Bird falling through the ceiling of the attic with his long legs sticking out.

Now, that is a hilarious commercial.

And when you compare Larry Bird’s acting to Steph Curry’s Subway commercials, Larry Bird looks like the real MVP.

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