PETA wants to kill these dogs for doing the thing they love to do

Mar 15, 2024

PETA is back doing what they do best, ticking people off with insane demands.

And their level of hypocrisy is on broad public display once again.

PETA now wants to stop these dogs from doing what they love doing the most and it is absolutely infuriating.

Can PETA just get euthanized?

Americans love their pets. We spend thousands keeping them healthy and fed every year.

Most sane people can differentiate between a house pet, a utility animal, or a food animal.

In other words, we don’t make house pets out of cows; we make steaks out of cows.

It’s common sense and just the way the food chain works.

And most of us realize that dogs have great utility beyond being companion animals depending on the breed and training.

For instance, dogs have been groomed for herding other animals, some dogs are used for hunting, and some dogs are used to pull carts and sleds.

Most people have the common sense that different dogs have different roles, not just companion animals.

But for some reason, PETA can’t seem to grasp the idea that not all animals have the same purpose nor have the same rights as human beings.

They really want people to think that they believe all animals are the same and deserve the same rights as you do.

And they have been known to attack people and property to prove their point.

They have been known to throw paint on real and fake fur clothing.

They have broken into farms and research labs to “liberate” the animals.

But PETAs latest attack shows their hypocrisy to the point that it’s too much for Americans to let go quietly.

PETA is as hypocritical as they come

The famous Iditarod dog sled race has been going on over the past week in Alaska.

It is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of the sled dog and how their run across Alaska saved many children of diphtheria by delivering life-saving medicine during an outbreak in an isolated village.

And like many races before, by the time all the sled teams crossed the finish line, two dogs had died from the race.

So, as you can imagine, PETA is making a big deal out of these two dog deaths.

A statement released by PETA claimed, “the death count keeps climbing for dogs who are forced to run until their bodies break down, all so the human winner can get a trophy while the dogs get an icy grave. PETA is calling for this despicable race to end.”

PETA’s executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, later stated that “Mushers’ prioritization of victory over dogs’ well-being is everything that’s wrong with the Iditarod.”

First off, the dogs on these dog sled teams are better kept and taken care of than your average house pet.

Thousands of dollars go into training and maintaining the health of these dogs who want nothing more than to race.

But also, and more importantly, PETA kills thousands of dogs each year at their shelters.

As government records show, PETA has killed over 50,000 dogs and other animals at a “euthanasia clinic” in Virginia.

So PETA loses a gasket over two dogs dying doing what they love but turns a blind eye to the thousands of dogs they kill each year in their shelters.

Hopefully, the Iditarod race will continue and outlive PETA.

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