Mark Wahlberg gave Blake Shelton a role in an upcoming movie after cutting this shocking deal

May 16, 2024

Country music star Blake Shelton has done just about everything during his entertainment career.

Now he has a chance to break into another field after a successful stint on TV.

And Mark Wahlberg gave Blake Shelton a role in an upcoming movie after cutting this shocking deal.

Blake Shelton shocks crowd by telling them he’s becoming a movie star

Blake Shelton became one of the most successful artists in country music after he released his debut album Blake Shelton in 2001.

Since 2011, he’s been the most successful coach on NBC’s singing reality show The Voice.

But his time on the reality show is coming to an end after he announced that he was leaving when this season was over.

Now Shelton has a new opportunity lined up for the future with an appearance in an upcoming movie from actor Mark Wahlberg.

He and his wife, No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, attended the Power of Love Gala benefiting the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shelton was honored for his charity work for the group dedicated to brain disorder research.

“I am honored, absolutely honored, to be here tonight to support the incredible work of Keep Memory Alive,” Stefani said as she introduced her husband. “And to celebrate this year’s honoree, Blake Shel-ton!”

She listed the numerous charities that Shelton supports including children’s hospitals, food banks, and disaster relief.

“His heart is as big as his voice,” Stefani exclaimed. “His talent is obvious. He lights up the room and brings a smile to everyone he meets, and that makes us all love him so much.”

Shelton came up to the stage and claimed that this could be his last time performing country music.

“They told me that Gwen had some nice things to say, and I didn’t want to miss that, and then there’s no good way to get up on this stage,” Shelton said.

He sat on a stool, ready to perform with his acoustic guitar.

“It doesn’t really matter, though,” Shelton continued. “I don’t know if you guys saw the auction earlier. This is maybe the last time I’m ever going to perform country music. I’m a movie star now. I’m not (messing) around.”

Blake Shelton explains how he got a role in an upcoming Mark Wahlberg movie

Shelton won an auction held by the charity for a walk-on role in a future unnamed Mark Wahlberg movie.

He placed the winning bid of $40,000 which will give him a small part in the movie along with two tickets to the premiere.

Shelton performed “Sweet Caroline,” “Ole Red,” and “Sangria.”

And Stefani joined him to perform their duet “Nobody But You.” 

The country music star has more free time on his plate after this season of The Voice wraps up.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shelton said “every day feels a little bit better” after he announced his exit last year.

Now he has a chance to make his mark in movies after he became a star in music and on TV.

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