Toby Keith’s daughter gave this heartbreaking message after an awful situation

May 17, 2024

The world lost country music star Toby Keith too soon.

Now more tributes are pouring in for a man who touched so many lives.

And Toby Keith’s daughter gave this heartbreaking message after an awful situation.

Toby Keith’s daughter receives his honorary college degree from Oklahoma

Country music star Toby Keith tragically passed away after a grueling battle with stomach cancer in February.

He had been fighting cancer since he was diagnosed in 2021.

Keith’s fellow country artists and fans have been paying tribute to the “How Do You Like Me Now?!” singer ever since.

An Oklahoma native, he was a passionate fan of the University of Oklahoma athletics and was a regular at games.

Keith never went to college – he worked in the oilfields after high school before heading to Nashville.

Oklahoma announced before his death that he would receive an honorary degree from the school at spring commencement.

His daughter, Krystal, accepted the degree for him at the University of Oklahoma commencement ceremony.

Oklahoma president Joseph Harroz Jr. said that he was thankful that Keith’s family was able to celebrate his “legacy and impact.”

Krystal wore a cap and gown to receive the diploma for her late father at the ceremony.

Harroz posted a message on the school’s website that shared the impact that Keith had on his native Oklahoma.

“Throughout his illustrious career, he remained rooted in his Oklahoma upbringing, choosing to live in the state that shaped him and giving back generously to his fellow Oklahomans,” Harroz wrote. “His philanthropic efforts, from raising millions for children battling cancer to supporting tornado victims, exemplified his unwavering commitment to his roots and his compassion for others.”

Krystal shared a heart-wrenching message about her late father on social media after the ceremony.

“I am shattered,” Krystal wrote. “As great as he was in his career, he was so much greater as a dad and a husband and a Pop Pop. He was my hero.”

Toby Keith’s daughter revealed the advice her dad gave her

Krystal spoke at the commencement ceremony after she received her dad’s degree.

“When he learned last fall that he was being inducted to Sooner Nation on this high of a level, he was so excited, and he was so proud,” Krystal said.

Krystal and the rest of Keith’s family attended Oklahoma.

“I actually made a joke about how many hours I spent here getting my bachelor’s degree, and he joked that he didn’t have to work that hard to get his,” Krystal continued. “But we all know he earned it and spent many more hours dedicating his life to earning it this way. He loved his family (he loved all of us), God, our country, and Sooner Nation.”

She recalled her dad’s patriotism and the work that he did for veterans and active-duty soldiers. 

“He always said, ‘Never apologize for being patriotic,’ and practiced what he preached through his work with the USO [United Service Organizations],” Krystal recalled.

“He was going into the most dangerous zones, where guys that never got those entertainers to come to them, were housed and were sitting, and he would go and boost their morale. And that’s who he wanted to go see. We called him Captain America. And that’s something he earned,” Krystal added.

Toby Keith is a legend for his music and the selfless work that he did for others.

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