McDonald’s is bringing back one discontinued menu item that will leave fans cheering

Apr 4, 2024

McDonald’s new menu is beginning to take shape.

The fast food chain is expanding its options for hungry customers.

And McDonald’s is bringing back one discontinued menu item that will leave fans cheering.

McDonald’s used the pandemic to simplify its menu by reducing the number of items sold.

A cult favorite on the chain’s breakfast menu is going to be coming back after popular demand.

Bagels returning to the McDonald’s breakfast menu

McDonald’s removed its bagel sandwiches from its breakfast menu during the pandemic in 2020 along with eliminating its all-day breakfast offerings.

Now the bagel sandwiches are back on the menu at thousands of locations across the country but aren’t available nationwide yet.

“Though Bagel Sandwiches are not available nationwide, they are a regional offering and currently available at participating McDonald’s in select markets,” a McDonald’s spokesman said.

However, the popularity of the chain’s bagel offerings could cause the company to rethink that decision.

A McDonald’s franchisee told the New York Post that the demand for bagels is through the roof.

“I am hearing from operators who just rolled out that they are selling more bagels in one day than an entire week five years ago,” the franchisee told The Post. “That is crazy, nostalgia is real.”

The franchisee said that bagels were brought back at select locations last year with “phenomenal success.”

“Everyone wants to replicate that,” the franchisee added.

In locations that serve them, customers can choose between bacon, egg, and cheese; sausage, egg, and cheese; steak, egg, and cheese; egg and cheese or a plain bagel.

The steak, egg, and cheese became a cult favorite because McDonald’s biscuits and McMuffins didn’t offer a steak option.

McDonald’s bagels develop a cult following

While McDonald’s lovers are awaiting a potential nationwide rollout, a group of fans started a Facebook group called “Where’s my McDonald’s Bagel?” which boasts more than 12,000 members.

The members of the group identify McDonald’s locations that are serving bagels and have created a spreadsheet with their locations.

“ARLINGTON, TX she’s BACK and soo GOOD,” a group member recently posted.

In addition to posting pictures of the tasty breakfast sandwich, members post memes about McDonald’s bagels.

So far, the group has found locations in 40 states that are carrying bagels for breakfast.

A McDonald’s franchisee told The Post that about one-third of the chain’s locations are now carrying them.

Bagels were removed from the menu in 2020 because of their poor sales.

Now the cult following around them and their success could lead to them returning to McDonald’s menus nationwide.

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