You may have to take out a second mortgage to get this new over-the-top treat at Yankee Stadium

Apr 4, 2024

The food at major league baseball parks is great, but it comes at a high price.

There are some crazy food options, some of which you can only get at certain ball parks.

And the New York Yankees just revealed a new over-the-top concession food that looks fantastic, but comes at an extraordinary price.

Baseball fans rejoice!

Baseball season is finally here.

And baseball is one of those sports that are better watched live over on your couch.

Everything about going to a baseball game is second to none.

The smells are mesmerizing with the freshly cut outfield and popping popcorn in the stands.

The sights are second to none with the outfield, infield, and pitcher’s mound looking near perfect thanks to the work of the grounds crew.

And, thankfully, MLB teams have adopted the idea of making the full baseball experience as fun as possible for the whole family in between innings with games and fan activities that you won’t see while sitting on your couch.

But the biggest difference between watching the game from your living room to actually being at the game is the ballpark food.

At most ballparks around the MLB, the food options are stuff out of a man’s dream.

Just look at some of the delicious concession food you can get around the MLB.

The Baltimore Orioles are known for their crab cake sandwich.

Go across the nation to the West coast and you can get a carne asada burrito bowl at a San Francisco Giants game.

And you can’t talk about delicious food in the MLB without talking about the legendary brisket that is available at a Houston Astros’ home game.

But these mouthwatering concession favorites aren’t exactly easy on your wallet.

Getting just a generic hot dog can cost you up to $8 when you go to an MLB game this year.

And one of the most popular food items in the MLB is the StrasBurger, which was priced at $59 last year just for one.

But it looks like the New York Yankees are about to get the worst of both worlds – high priced crappy ballpark food.

Fried Meatballs?

Going into the start of the baseball season, the Yankees decided to unveil their new food items, which isn’t exactly getting the fanfare response they expected.

Just look at some of the food items and think to yourself if you would rather have a cheap hot dog or this expensive ballpark entree.

One of the big dishes coming out is filet mignon crispy tater tots in a small bowl.

And if that isn’t bad enough, the one historic franchise is now serving fried meatballs.

Star chef Christian Petroni created the new fried meatballs dish for the Yankees and claimed that “If I was a betting man, I’d say meatballs are what’s gonna take us to the championship.”

Let’s see if the meatballs help but the average fan would probably just like to stick with a hotdog and a beer that doesn’t cost them their first born.

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