Meghan Markle slammed her fist in rage after Hollywood leaked this ugly secret about her

May 9, 2024

Meghan Markle is trying to parlay her status as a Royal into a lucrative career. 

But not everyone buys into her delusions of grandeur. 

And Meghan Markle slammed her fist in rage after Hollywood leaked this ugly secret about her.

Hollywood sees Meghan Markle as a joke after insane demands

Before she married Prince Harry and became a member of the British Royal Family, Meghan Markle was a mediocre actress in Hollywood.

She had guest roles on several television shows and bit parts in movies before she finally got her break.

Markle starred as Rachel Zane on the USA Network legal drama, Suits, for seven seasons.

Her acting career ended after her final episode of the show in 2017.

She’s transitioned into trying to become an influencer turning her fame into a career with a podcast, a lifestyle brand, and a pair of upcoming reality shows with Netflix.

But now Hollywood is laughing at her obnoxious and clueless behavior trying to capitalize on her fame. 

Markle’s new podcast with Lemonada Media is being delayed until next year because the company fears that her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, and her Netflix shows would overshadow it.

“Meghan gets greedy,” a high-level source told In Touch. “She wants everything all at once, and it’s backfiring on her again. She’s become a total joke and is overplaying her hand.”

Prince Harry and his wife watched her podcast deal with streaming giant Spotify collapse costing the couple nearly $20 million.

Markle’s podcast Archetypes flopped with audiences leading to her deal being canceled.

She was accused of using her staff to conduct the celebrity interviews and later splicing her voice in to make it appear she gave them interviews.

Spotify executive Bill Simmons slammed the Royal couple for being “f***ing grifters” for the epic disaster that her podcast became.

Megan Markle is lazy and shamelessly trying to make money off being a celebrity

Celebrities are taking notice of the Duchess of Sussex’s laziness. 

“Hollywood is glam and glitz on the outside, but the real stars have worked hard for their success — and you get the impression hard work isn’t really Meghan’s thing,” a Hollywood source told In Touch. “She was a nobody when she married Harry in 2018 but immediately thought she deserved a place at the A-listers’ table. Now, after all her failures, those A-listers — and the royals — are laughing at her!”

To kickstart her American Riviera Orchard brand, she mailed 50 jars of strawberry jam to social media influencers and celebrities.

Pictures surfaced on social media of the jam where the label had peeled off.

“No wonder people are laughing, on both sides of the Atlantic!” a Royal source said. “We hear Harry’s laid down the law. He’s mortified by the blowback over their sketchy projects and is insisting he won’t tolerate another show business disaster. If the new projects go belly-up again, they are going to have to find new ways to pay their bills, including crawling back to the royal family.”

Her projects are destined to fail because she has a serious likability problem.

“Meghan’s new ventures are destined to fail,” a source said. “She has no experience in building a brand, and someone must tell her she needs to be more likable to be marketable. If the public doesn’t like you, they won’t get behind you, and no amount of money you throw at the problem will make it go away.”

Meghan Markle’s botched business ventures have turned her into a national punchline.

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