MLB continues its tradition of bird abuse after fans were shocked into silence because of what the Angels did to a goose

May 3, 2024

Major League Baseball has a love-hate relationship with birds.

But, this latest run-in between the fowls and the baseball League takes that turbulent relationship to a new level.

And MLB continues its tradition of bird abuse after fans were shocked into silence because of what the Angels did to a goose.

Baseball is a life-threatening sport

Many people view baseball as a safe sport to play and spectate.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Most people view sports like football as posing a greater risk to your health.

But when you think about it, baseball isn’t exactly for wimps.

Take one hit by a line drive and it may kill you.

And tell the catcher that baseball is a low-risk sport, as they are constantly taking fastballs to the face or groin and defending home base from determined runners.

But it isn’t just the players who have been put at risk during baseball games.

Fans also have to be on the lookout for what’s coming their way from the diamond.

Fly balls and baseball bats have been putting fans’ lives at risk for generations.

Those nets up at baseball stadiums aren’t for show, they are there to protect fans from having a broken skull.

And unlike most other sports, the risk from the game isn’t just limited to humans.

Birds are never closer to death than they are when they fly near a baseball game.

There have been some memorable run ins between the game and birds throughout the history of Major League Baseball.

Who can forget that day in 2001 when legendary pitcher Randy Johnson turned a bird into a feather pillow when his fastball made a direct impact with the fowl?

Most people in baseball will never forget that scene of feathers littering home plate after Randy smoked that pigeon.

But the complicated history between birds and baseball continues as a goose learned the hard way why it should never go near a baseball stadium.

That goose nearly died

This past week, the fans, during a Tigers versus Angel’s game, were confronted with a rare sight in professional baseball.

During the game, a goose showed on the field, which completely stopped the game.

As the game was tied one to one in the top of the 6th inning, the grounds crew dashed onto the field to chase off the wild beast.

That in itself is a sight to see.

But what happened may lead to a PETA protest.

As the goose was filing away after being chased off the outfield, it started to fly right towards the stands.

And right when it looked like the goose was going to make it out of the stadium in one piece, the bird smacked right into an LED screen and plummeted to the seats below.

Just take a look for yourself.

One woman was just a few feet away from getting knocked out by the falling goose.

Thankfully, it looks like the goose got up after the fall, to meander around in the stands.

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