Wheel of Fortune fans were speechless when a celebrity botched this layup answer

May 17, 2024

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular game shows in history.

Trying to solve the world puzzles that trip up the contestants is part of the fun. 

And Wheel of Fortune fans were speechless when a celebrity botched this layup answer.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestant stumped by Kelce brothers

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune brings a trio of famous contestants together to compete on the long-running game for money for their designated charity.

And it turns out that even celebrities can be stumped by puzzles that have famous people as an answer.

Actress Krysten Ritter, actress Sarah Levy, and fashion designer Christian Siriano competed on Celebrity Wheel to see if they could bring home the top prize for their favorite charity.

Ritter – who starred in AMC’s Breaking Bad – had control of the wheel in the family category.

She worked her way through the puzzle and guessed “K” as her final letter.

That spelled out “Travis and Jason Kelce” on the board.

For most people watching at home, the answer was obvious.

But Levy and Siriano could be heard conversing offscreen.

“I don’t know what that last word is,” one of them said. 

“What is this word?” the other said.

Ritter was equally confused at the answer that was spelled out right in front of her.

She solved the puzzle but mispronounced the name “Kelce” with a soft “S” at the end.

“We will take that,” host Pat Sajak said while the contestants looked bewildered.

“I don’t know who they are,” Ritter said.

Levy pointed out that they were football players.

“Okay, well that’s why,” Ritter responded.

“I make clothes for a living,” Siriano quipped.

Sajak asked Levy to explain what was going on to her confused competitors.

“Well, it’s a Taylor Swift thing,” Levy explained. “Sadly, it’s the only reason why I know, is it Travis Kelce that she’s seeing?”

Sajak encouraged them to read their local newspaper and explained why he accepted Ritter’s answer.

“They call them ‘Kel-see,’ but one of them has said they like ‘Kels,’ as well, so we would’ve taken either, in that case,” Sajak said.

Ed Kelce, Travis and Jason’s father, appeared on their podcast New Heights and revealed the correct pronunciation of their name is “Kels” but that he’s fine with either.

“I got tired of correcting people,” Ed Kelce said. “That was the name that I went by at work.”

Fans are astounded on social media by the cluelessness of the celebrity contestants

Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce was already one of the biggest stars in the NFL before he began dating pop star Taylor Swift.

Their relationship had made headlines ever since they went public last September and it turned him into a pop culture celebrity.

Wheel watchers were amazed that Ritter didn’t know the famous brothers were.

“Watching celebrity Wheel of Fortune and I just want to know what rocks these celebrities are living under,” a social media user said.

“Poor travis kelce getting hit tonight on #celebritywheeloffortune cant pronounce his name, 2 people no clue who he is, the one that did says its because of #TaylorSwift I’m rolling,” another user added.

The Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestants will be seeing more of Travis Kelce as he tries his hand at acting and hosting a game show on Amazon Prime.

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