Never build your March Madness bracket by counting on the Virginia Cavaliers

Mar 22, 2024

One of the highlights of the year is upon us, as it is time for March Madness.

But the madness started with one of the worst college basketball performances in the history of the game.

Virginia basketball is so bad during March Madness that it nearly breaks everyone’s brackets as soon as the tournament starts.

March Madness is worth the hype

Forget what people say about Christmas.

If you are a guy who owns a couch, this is your most wonderful time of year.

March Madness is upon us.

This time-honored tradition is one that men wait months to watch as some of the best college basketball teams in the nation battle it out on the national stage for the chance to hoist up the national championship trophy.

And odds are you have some fond memories of watching the madness that unfolds in March on the court.

Who can forget the magical Cinderella runs in the tournament that teams like George Mason and St. Peters have had over the years?

Or how about the legendary ball players who made a name for themselves in March Madness, like Steph Curry for Davidson and Michael Jordan for the Tar Heels?

And teams have been turned into college basketball dynasties with just one deep run into the NCAA tournament.

And one of those teams that have made a name for themselves in past tournaments is the University of Virginia.

Few programs are like Virginia, as the Cavaliers are one of only three teams in all of college basketball that have been a number one seed in all four tournament regions.

And the team has made it to the final four three times (1981, 1984, and 2019), with the team winning the national championship in 2019 with a remarkable run in the tournament.

But Virginia hasn’t always enjoyed success in March Madness.

And then you have Virginia

In 2018, the Cavaliers became the first team in tournament history to lose as a one seed to a 16 seed.

But that isn’t their only embarrassing loss in recent memory in the NCAA tournament.

In 2021, Virginia lost as a four seed to 13-seeded, Ohio in the first round of the tournament.

Then again, last year the team lost to 13-seeded, Furman University in a loss no one saw coming.

Well, America saw first-hand that Virginia’s choking in the first round of March Madness continued into the second game of this year’s tournament.

Tenth-seeded Virginia was playing tenth seeded Colorado State for a play-in game into the tournament.

Many expected Virginia to perform well as they strongly competed in the ACC throughout the year.

But then reality set in, and Virginia’s awful performance just about broke the internet.

In the first half of the game on Tuesday night, the Wahoo managed to rack up youth YMCA league numbers with just 14 total points in 20 minutes.

And just to make it worse, they only added another 28 points in the second half with a measly 42 total points in a loss to Colorado State on national television.

People were in shock and started to roast the horrible performance online.

Just look at some of the best reactions from Twitter.

The worst part about Virginia being in this year’s tournament is the fact that America was robbed of witnessing college basketball’s best white player, Robbie Avila, from Indiana State.

The tournament committee should be ashamed of themselves for putting Virginia over Indiana State.

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