Rosie O’Donnell might not survive this financial loss after she gets hit with the reality of Biden’s economy

Apr 26, 2024

Rosie O’Donnell is one of the Democrats’ biggest cheerleaders. 

But Rosie is finding out the hard way that supporting liberal Democrats can be bad for your personal bottom line. 

And Rosie O’Donnell might not survive this financial loss after she gets hit with the reality of Biden’s economy.

Nobody loved a Democrat more than Rosie O’Donnell

Loud-mouthed Karens who live in suburbia, seem to identify as Democrats. 

These self-entitled women seem to be attracted to Democrat Party issues. 

Just look at The View

A group of women who know nothing about the real world have made tens of millions of dollars on a show which does nothing but bash common Americans and our beliefs. 

Well, it may be shocking to believe but the Democrat Karen with the biggest mouth isn’t Whoopi Goldberg or even Joy Behar, its Rosie O’Donnell. 

If you are up there in age you probably remember Rosie from Hollywood through countless television and movie appearances. 

Rosie was even one of the original hot air bags on The View.

But it wasn’t her acting career that made her famous. 

Rosie became a celebrity, especially among Democrats for attacking Republicans and middle America. 

Throughout her career on talk shows, she has made a career out of being the loudest critic for the Democrat cause. 

It didn’t matter who the Republican was or what they believed, Rosie would attack them viciously and relentlessly. 

But no one caught the scorn of Rosie’s fury like Donald Trump. 

The feud between Trump and Rosie has become a part of American pop culture. 

Dating back all the way to 2006, Rosie went on a tirade against Trump while on The View claiming that the billionaire was a “snake-oil salesman.”

And in true Trump fashion, he snapped back at the failed actress claiming that he was going to sue her for the slanderous words and that  he was looking forward “to taking lots of money from my nice, fat little Rosie.”

And whenever he got the chance, he would label Rosie a “total loser.”

And this feud and the tit for tat really didn’t die down with the 2020 election where Rosie disappeared off the national stage during that campaign cycle. 

Well, it looks like things are going too well for the Democrat mouthpiece. 

Biden’s economy is wrecking Rosie

Rosie O’Donnell has been trying to sell her massive apartment in New York City for over a year. 

But she quickly learned that Biden’s economy is personally hurting her more than any mean tweet by former President Trump. 

And Biden’s economy is so bad for Rosie that she had to take her penthouse apartment off the market last December, after listing it in the Spring of 2023, because no one was interested. 

Well now Rosie is being forced to lower the price of her 3,400 square feet apartment by $500,000 less than she paid for the piece of real estate back in 2017. 

Time will tell if Rosie can sell her apartment but at this point she may be reconsidering her support for Democrats and disdain for President Trump. 

Because in President Trump’s economy her penthouse apartment would be long off the market by now. 

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