Tiffany Gomas, the smokeshow “not real” plane girl, broke the Internet and Democrats with just one picture

Apr 26, 2024

All it took was one viral video and Tiffany Gomas became an instant Internet sensation. 

But Tiffany’s following will grow tenfold as this picture continues to take the Internet by storm. 

And she’s making Democrats furious doing it.

The Internet is Tiffany Gomas’ playground

In today’s day and age people are making loads of money just by being famous on the internet. 

Think of all the influencers that infest our kid’s phones and minds. 

MrBeast is one of the biggest influencers alive. 

Just on YouTube alone through his 250,000,000 subscribers, MrBeast makes a staggering three to five million dollars a month on ad revenue, merchandise, and sponsorships. 

But one of the fastest rises to influencer fame over the past year has been Tiffany Gomas. 

Tiffany Gomas was an average person just over a year ago. 

But all it took was one video for her to become an instant internet celebrity. 

Her initial claim to fame is being the “not real” woman on the plane. 

Last summer a video started to take the internet by storm of an attractive woman trying to convince others on her plane that another passenger isn’t a real person. 

That video, which is less than a minute long, changed her life forever. 

But at first no one knew who Tiffany Gomas was before the video.

Well, she finally came forward and became an internet celebrity overnight. 

Tiffany has done the Internet circuit of podcasts from shows like conservative firebrand Alex Stein. 

She wasn’t doing bad before she became a living breathing internet meme as she was living in a multi-million-dollar house, but it is without question that Tiffany’s wealth has skyrocketed after her infamous plane incident. 

Her current net wealth is estimated to be a massive 5.5 million dollars. 

But it looks like Tiffany Gomas became a lot richer as she broke the internet with her latest photo. 

New smokeshow for conservatism

Late last week Tiffany posted a picture on many of her social media pages about her new role as being a brand rep for Ultra Right Beer. 

That by itself would get the internet talking and Democrats fuming. 

But Tiffany took the posts a step further as she posted for picture in a very revealing Ultra Right Beer bikini. 

And just to put the icing on the cake she taunted her haters by captioning the picture with “Wonder how many people I’m gonna piss off with this post…”

And Tiffany is right. 

Not only did she break the internet with that bikini picture but she also ignited even more hatred against her for joining forces with a conservative company like Ultra Right Beer.

Kudos to Tiffany for making the most out of her rise to fame and what her momma gave her. 

And thankfully Tiffany is on the conservative side of the political debate because we desperately need social media influencers like Tiffany to fight back for what is right.

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