This trade by the Los Angeles Chargers may be the worst in NFL history

Mar 21, 2024

NFL dynasties are built on acquiring the best talent usually in off-season trades.

But when this team just traded the best wide receiver in the NFL for absolutely nothing, many fans were left shaking their heads.

And the Los Angeles Chargers just made what will probably be remembered as the worst trade in the history of the NFL.

The off-season is when Super Bowls are won

Most NFL fans are completely focused on the regular and postseason activity.

But in all reality, success in the NFL is made during the off-season.

Franchise’s futures are made or destroyed once the season is over.

Just look at the NFL Draft.

Imagine how different NFL history would be if the Indianapolis Colts took quarterback Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning?

All it takes is one boom or bust draft pick to set the course of history for a franchise.

The best talent a team will have and be able to develop comes directly out of the draft.

And every year we see teams find that missing piece needed in the draft to give them a chance at the Super Bowl.

But it isn’t just the draft when NFL rosters are developed.

Teams are always trading players and draft pick positions during the offseason.

And these trades are essential in developing a vibrant roster that can stay competitive in the League.

We can all name a trade in the NFL that changed a franchise’s fortunes of success.

Don’t forget that Brett Favre was once an Atlanta Falcon but was ultimately traded to Green Bay for a Second Rounds pick.

And NFL history was made when the Dallas Cowboys traded their best player, Herschel Walker, to the Minnesota Vikings.

Dallas traded away Walker for the first and second round draft picks of the Vikings for the 1990, 1991, and 1992 drafts.

And ultimately this trade led to Dallas winning three Super Bowls off of the players they picked up from the Vikings’ draft slots.

But not all trades work out.

And right now many are scratching their heads about one trade from the San Diego Chargers that has no upside for the AFC team.

Craziest trade in recent NFL history

The NFL was stunned to learn that Chargers’ Pro Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen was leaving the team on a trade.

Keenan Allen already has Hall of Fame like numbers with 10,530 receiving yards and over 900 catches in his career.

Week in and week out, Keenan was as consistent of a wide receiver as anybody in the League and many, especially those involved with fantasy football, garnered him as one of the best catchers in the game.

But his game play and eye-popping stats weren’t enough to keep him in San Diego.

But what is really making heads explode in the NFL is the fact that Keenan is being sent to the Chicago Bears in exchange for a throw away fourth round pick.

The Chargers have a new coach, former Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh.

People expected him to make the Chargers his team with his chosen players but no one saw him basically cutting the best player on his roster, Keenan Allen.

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