Fans of the Mayor of Kingstown are on the edge of their seats after Taylor Sheridan and Jeremy Renner released this video

May 3, 2024

While Jeremy Renner played a superhero on the Big Screen in The Avengers movies, he also is one in real life.

But while Renner’s real-life heroics saved his nephew’s life, it almost cost him his own, and almost ended his career.

But now, fans of the Mayor of Kingstown were thrilled when this video was released, and fans are now on the edge of their seats.

Hawkeye is set to soar to new heights

Following the success of Yellowstone, the show’s co-creator Taylor Sheridan decided to use his same blueprint of focusing on hard-working, middle-American families and communities, that worked so well with Yellowstone, on a new project.

The Paramount Plus hit streaming show, Mayor of Kingstown, takes place in a rust-belt prison town and stars Jeremy Renner.

After two strong seasons, a horrific snowplow accident occurred when the show’s star, Jeremy Renner of The Avenger’s fame, heroically saved his nephew from being run over by the plow.

Renner sustained 33 broken bones in the New Year’s Day 2023 tragedy at his Reno, Nevada, area home.

And because of that, a third season of Mayor of Kingstown was in serious doubt.

But Renner stayed strong and powered his way to a miraculous recovery — and now, his fans have something to celebrate.

Mayor of Kingstown season three trailer released

Back in early January, just a little more than one year after the horrific accident, Renner was back in Pittsburgh as production for Mayor of Kingstown season three was finally underway.


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“Day one on set . . . nervous today,” Renner posted to Instagram. “Hope this works out that I can ACTUALLY pull this off for our production, and more importantly, the fans.”

And apparently, Renner was able to pull it off – as he and the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, have released the official trailer for the next season of Mayor of Kingstown.

As you can see in the below video, Renner appears to have fully recovered from his life-threatening injuries.

Along with the trailer for season three of Mayor of Kingstown, the video also reveals when the show will be available to stream.

Streaming date set for Sheridan and Renner’s hit show

June 2 of this year will mark the return of Renner and Sheridan’s hit show to the Paramount Plus streaming platform.

That means fans only have about another month to wait before they can see Mike McLusky in action, what kind of trouble Iris will cause next, and what will be the next lesson of woke dribble Miriam McLusky will be teaching her inmate students.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Plus has also published a description of what audiences can expect from the show next season.

“A series of explosions rock Kingstown and its citizens, as a new face of the Russian mob sets up shop in the city, and a drug war rages inside and outside prison walls,” the description reads. “The pressure is on Mike McLusky (Renner) to end the war but things get complicated when a familiar face from his incarcerated past threatens to undermine the Mayor’s attempts to keep the peace among all factions.”

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