Women’s college basketball just had a ratings spike for all the wrong reasons

Feb 20, 2024

Despite years of guilt, shaming, and pleading, women’s basketball has never been able to attract a huge following.

The liberal media has been fuming that empty stadiums and low ratings means that men’s basketball has to subsidize the women’s game.

Now, this one event turned into a ratings bonanza, but it was for all the wrong reasons.

This wild fight could be the NCAA’s ticket to boosting female basketball viewership

Men’s college basketball remains one of America’s favorite sports, with millions of Americans tuning in every March for the highly anticipated NCAA tournament.

However, interest in Women’s college basketball has stayed relatively low, and many in the media and the NCAA are desperate to change this trend.

With that in mind, attendees at Thursday night’s women’s basketball matchup between Southern Mississippi and Arkansas State witnessed a brawl for the books.

Per Fox News, “Five players and three fans were ejected from Thursday night’s game between Southern Miss and Arkansas State after a massive melee broke out in the first half that saw players and coaches being brought down to the ground and several punches being thrown. ”

The report then claims, “The skirmish caused a 23-minute delay in the second quarter as officials determined which players would likely be tossed from the game,” adding, “The fight began when Arkansas State forward Emma Imevbore grabbed a defensive rebound in traffic and got tangled with Domonique Davis. Imevbore appeared to push Davis to the floor and then appeared to throw several punches at Brikayla Gray in front of the Southern Miss bench.”

Following the game, Southern Miss head coach Joye Lee-McNelis addressed the media, saying, “I can’t really comment because I have to follow conference guidelines, I just think it’s very, very, very unfortunate. And I believe that in every incident you have in life, you learn. You may not like the consequences, but you’re going to learn from them.”

She added, “And I think that – which we do not believe we should have done – it won’t happen again. It will not happen again. We’ve got to understand that every decision we make, wherever we are in life, will determine our future – whether it’s tomorrow, the next day, whenever.”

In total, five athletes and three fans were ejected from the game as a result of this brawl. The NCAA has not released a decision regarding further punishments for these players and fans.

This wild brawl could give women’s basketball the publicity it craves

Promoting women’s college basketball is a top priority for the NCAA and the corporate media.

The truth is that most Americans do not care about women’s college basketball, preferring men’s college basketball hand over fist.

Many Americans simply do not want to watch a basketball game without any slam dunks or well-placed layups, for that matter.

Even though fights like the one that occurred Thursday help women’s college basketball to make headlines, it seems highly unlikely that anybody will start tuning in as a result.

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