Joe Rogan just wiped out Joe Biden’s Press Secretary with this truth bomb

Mar 12, 2024

Joe Rogan has grown from a standup comedian and UFC commentator to being one of the most influential voices in America today.

While he started out as an average California liberal-leaning person, he has morphed into being the number one rated podcaster in the country who keeps moving more and more right each day, thanks in part to the Biden administration.

And he absolutely roasted Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, with this epic truth bomb.

The mouthpiece of the Biden Administration

A good White House Press Secretary can be incredibly beneficial to an administration in achieving its goals.

However, a bad Press Secretary can make the administration look incompetent at every turn – not that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris need a lot of help on that front.

Enter President Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, and her infamous catchphrase, “I don’t have anything.”

Recently, on his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan commented on where he believes Jean-Pierre ranks as a White House Press Secretary.

Joe Rogan vs. Karine Jean-Pierre

Rogan was interviewing City Journal writer and senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute, Christopher F. Rufo.

The two talked about this November’s Trump/Biden rematch before the conversation shifted to the White Press Secretary.

Rogan minced no words in sharing how he truly feels about KJP.

“He’s (President Joe Biden) so frail that he’s transparent … to the point where the White House Press Secretary accidentally tweeted as him from her account,” Rogan said. “I love it when that happens because, thank you, I was wondering, now I know. I kinda had a feeling it was you.”

Rufo added that she should be able to do better considering the kid gloves she’s treated with by the bulk of the White House press corps.

“She’s only really challenged by one person in the briefing room, and she manages to bungle it up on the daily,” Rufo said.

And while trying to defend the Biden Administration has to be a difficult job, Rogan believes there are others that could do a far better job than KJP.

“Has there ever been a worse press secretary [than Jean-Pierre]?” Rogan asked Rufo. “How did she get that job? She’s so bad at convincing people. There’s a bunch of hard-core, ideologically driven left-wing pundits that are on YouTube that would do a much better job, and they would be psycho about it, and the Left would be like, ‘Yeah!’ She’s not the one. She’s f***ing terrible at it. She gets called out for stuff all the time. She gets set up for stuff all the time. Like [Fox News White House Correspondent] Peter Doocy is always setting her up.”

Who is Chris Rufo?

Rufo agreed with Rogan’s assessment of KJP.

Rufo’s most known for breaking major stories in his young career.

Perhaps the biggest of those was exposing Disney executives, admitting they implement a “gay agenda” in their movies and series wherever and whenever possible.

He’s also been one of the leading reporters uncovering Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory infiltrating government-run school classrooms.

And last year, he released a mini-documentary tracing the roots of the transgender movement in America and the people behind the scenes who are funding those efforts.

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