Naked Gun’s conservative creator just dropped a disappointing bombshell about an upcoming remake

May 1, 2024

The social justice warriors of Hollywood have not only killed comedy, but they are also stifling creativity.

Because original thought is being snuffed out, Hollywood is looking to revamp the famous Zucker brother movies for the next wave of remakes.

But now, the man behind Naked Gun just dropped a disappointing bombshell about this upcoming remake.

Paramount to remake Naked Gun

David Zucker has directed such massive hits like Airplane, Top Secret, and the Scary Movie franchise.

He even dipped his toe into the political comedy waters with 2008’s An American Carol – with 83-minutes of jokes at the expense of Leftist faux-documentarian, Michael Moore.

Zucker and his brother cemented their status as the kings of slapstick as the creative minds behind the hilarious and tragically short-lived television show Police Squad and its motion picture spin-offs, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad, The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear, and Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult.

The movie franchise was a massive success, the Breitbart News reporting grosses of nearly a half-billion dollars worldwide – and that’s nearly three-decades before Bidenflation, when $500-Million was a lot of money.

And that’s likely why Hollywood is remaking the movie.

But Zucker isn’t looking forward to the movie with Liam Neeson in the legendary Leslie Nielsen role of Lieutenant Frank Drebin.

New Naked Gun won’t involve the originators

According to Breitbart News, one of Zucker’s chief concerns is Paramount hasn’t reached out to him for guidance.

Zucker told TMZ back in 2018 that he and his brother wrote the script, but Paramount handed it over to other parties – and he has no involvement with the remake.

“Whether or not they are going to do a good job with it, this kind of spoof is not rocket science, but it’s not easy,” Zucker said recently. “We kind of developed this way of doing spoofs over years and years . . . and we kind of know the rules. That’s not to say somebody else can’t do it in their own style.”

But secondly, Zucker doesn’t believe a knock-off Naked Gun is necessary.

“Young generations are already watching Naked Gun, Airplane; they’re discovering Top Secret, they know Baseketball,” Zucker added. “And so I don’t know whether a remake of Naked Gun will especially move the needle one way or the other.”

Comedy vs. Cancel Culture

Zucker has previously spoken out against the Left’s exploitation of cancel culture – especially in regard to comedy.

In late 2022, Zucker told PragerU the story of when a studio gave the comedy legend “notes” suggesting his proposed James Bond spoof crossed the line into “sexism” territory.

According to Zucker, the script called for a female spy to mention needing a breast reduction in order to fit into her Kevlar vest.

“It was pure oatmeal, so mild,” Zucker recalled. “I thought, ‘if this was the criteria for it, we’re in big trouble.”

For Zucker, the politically correct suggestion revealed a larger cultural truth – punch lines have been replaced with applause lines — and Zucker wants no part of it.

“They’re destroying comedy because of 9% of the people who don’t have a sense of humor,” Zucker added at the time.

Back in his heyday, when movies were funny, Zucker said the gloves were off.

“We could be as offensive as we liked . . . we went where the laughs were,” Zucker told PragerU. “We never worried about any of this stuff with the ‘Naked Guns’ or even the ‘Scary Movies’.”

Later in the interview, the PragerU host asked Zucker if he could make Airplane today.

“Sure,” Zucker said. “Just without the jokes.”

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