Here is one more reason Americans tuned out of the Oscars this year

Mar 12, 2024

Watching the Academy Awards Show used to be an American tradition.

But as woke leftists took over Hollywood and turned it into a progressive hell hole, people have been turning their back on the “entertainment” industry.

And with the woke demands that went into effect at this year’s Oscars, you have a brand new reason to have skipped this year’s Academy Awards presentation.

This year’s Oscar awards usher in a new era of “woke” insanity in Hollywood

Leftists have controlled Hollywood for decades. However, today’s Hollywood has completely succumbed to the “woke” mob.

Rather than producing good movies that people actually want to go see, Hollywood elites have instead put out one piece of “woke” garbage after another.

For example, the Academy Awards show, better known as the Oscars, has become a laughingstock regarding movies that few people even knew existed simply for featuring diverse casts and “woke” themes.

This year’s Oscar Awards took things to a whole new level of “woke” because this year, the Oscars used diversity quotas when determining the winners of their highly sought-after awards.

In order to become eligible for an Oscar award, a movie must fulfill two of the following four diversity quotas, or in other words, have diverse people involved in two of these four categories as it pertains to the production of the film.

Breitbart News accurately summarized these categories, writing that a film must have diverse people involved in either “(A) On-screen diversity (i.e., cast and story); (B) Behind-the-camera diversity (i.e., crew); (C) Industry access (i.e., studio provides internships and training for women and minorities); and (D) Audience development (i.e., women and minorities in executive roles in studio marketing, PR, and distribution).”

However, these diversity quotas have their fair share of loopholes, which many Hollywood films have already taken advantage of.

For example, a film can fulfill any of these criteria if a woman or member of the LGBT community works in any of these roles, as these large people groups are considered minorities by the Academy.

These diversity quotas have met significant blowback from people who believe that films should receive awards for its merit, not because they have diverse production staff.

There are good reasons why many Americans have stopped watching the Oscars

Fewer and fewer Americans have tuned into the Oscars in recent years, and most other award shows for that matter.

The Academy’s diversity quotas reveal exactly why Hollywood does not care about rewarding good films; they only care about rewarding themselves for fulfilling their radical woke agenda.

Instead of going to movies, many Americans would rather stay at home and watch films and shows that actually entertain them, not brainwash them with radical, far-left politics and themes that preach hatred to men, Christians, and white people in particular.

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