Julian Assange’s wife shares her biggest fear with Tucker Carlson

Feb 26, 2024

Julian Assange showed the world some secrets the government never wanted to see the light of day.

That’s why the US government wants to put him in prison for the rest of his years.

But his wife just shared with Tucker Carlson her biggest fears as he fights extradition to the US.

Assange faces 175 years if extradition to U.S. is successful

Earlier this month, the Australian computer scientist and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange had his final hearing. 

It will determine whether the United Kingdom would honor his extradition request by the United States government. 

Assange stands accused of 17 counts of espionage and a charge of computer misuse. 

The charges stem from his efforts to expose heinous actions by the  US  and other governments around the globe. 

Many argue that Assange should be protected as press activities by the First Amendment. 

If convicted Assange could live out his final days serving a 175-year-sentence in a federal prison. 

Assange’s wife, Stella, says that he may not survive much longer due to deteriorating physical and mental health conditions. 

Stella shared her perspective in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

“Every day…his health deteriorates”

Assange’s wife blames the extensive process by the justice system as the cause of his ailing health. 

Assange has been held in Belmarsh high security prison for the past five years and hasn’t even had the opportunity to attend his own extradition hearings. 

Stella says that this is the biggest indicator that “Julain’s life is at risk.”

“Every day that he spends in prison is a day that his health deteriorates” she said adding that “many people don’t survive” that lengthy of a stay at Belmarsh. 

“There have been many people in Belmarsh who have committed suicide during this time, including a friend of Julian’s…” she added.

Stella is concerned that being in this “harsh environment…under enormous pressure” will only continue to worsen his condition as he awaits the possible extradition to the United States. 

The prospect of suicide should not be ignored but Stella has bigger concerns than Julian taking his own life.

In fact, she’s worried that if anything someone may make it look like he killed himself.

Assange is aware of assassination attempts

Assange made enemies in governments around the world when Wikileaks published swaths of data implicating global leaders. 

Former CIA director Mike Pompeo was one of them. 

One former Trump national security official said Pompeo and intelligence officials “were seeing blood” because of the leaks. 

Stella told Carlson that Julian “knows that the United States” has “plotted his assassination.” 

Speaking on Pompeo and the intelligence agencies she said that the “CIA is a rogue organization that everyone on every level of the U.S. politics is terrified of…”

“They are trained to assassinate, they are trained to fabricate information and place it in the media…and to overthrow governments and so on,” she continued.

But despite the “enormous pressure” that he has been placed under—he will not back down from this fight.

Stella says, “he knows there’s a lot of support out there” and that it “keeps him afloat.”

“He’s a fighter, and I think the world’s waking up,” she said.

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